TIE DYE IN TOFINO: The Uncommon Law Adventure

Meet Becki and Chris, a common law couple from Newfoundland, currently living in Vancouver with a vlog aptly titled, the Uncommon Law. Becki, a freelance photographer and graphic designer and Chris, a medical doctor by trade made a pact. The goal for the year - amongst other things - to make the most of each weekend and travel to various destinations both close to home and further away for weekend getaways. Catch their travels at @theuncommonlaw on Instagram. Read below about their Tofino adventure this April.

Want to see the full adventure? Watch it HERE.

Tofino is one of those magical places where, no matter what the weather, the landscape is stunningly beautiful. In fact, you almost want it to be stormy to visit this place. The flat beaches with fog and mist make for quite the epic backdrop for surfers and explorers.
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Chesterman Beach quickly became our favourite during our 5 day stay. It has two shorelines and an island in the center. It has flat, wet sand as far as the eye could see, mist and fog hovering right at shore break, and I can't forget the large pieces of driftwood scattered along the sand. It was a photographer's dream. 
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I think it's important to appreciate the beauty in each season Mother Nature throws at us. We often get upset when it snows or rains, and we wish for sun and warm weather. While I love sun and warm just as much as the next person, this trip has given me a reminder to step back and take a closer look at the beauty those weather patterns bring. Try it! You might surprise yourself!
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