Hello from DAUB | ACTIVE


Ready to challenge the norm and break boundaries, DAUB | ACTIVE is the evolution of a mindset. From our hand-dyed roots of Daub + Design’s laid back luxe that seamlessly took you from working out to going out, DAUB | ACTIVE incorporates that iconic aesthetic into athletic wear that’s ready to go with you to the next level. The artist’s world coming together with the technologically-driven real world requires a delicate balancing act. Our lives are one big balancing act, and DAUB | ACTIVE evolved from the desire to make it just a little easier.

Every product we make aims to inspire fierce passion in our community of like-minded women—whether they’re neighbours or across the globe, at all of our hearts, a desire to break boundaries. Our building blocks of effortless sophistication and functional luxury are designed to give our clients exactly what they want. Something different—something newDAUB | ACTIVE is a hybrid of unique prints born in the art world, and the limitless opportunities of technology printing allows for a new generation of athletic wear. Combined with luxurious fabrics sourced from around the globe, DAUB | ACTIVE inspires you to play harder, push the limits, and never compromise style for comfort and quality.